Principal Investigator

Prof. Soutik Betal

Assistant Professor, 

Department of Electrical Engineering, 

Indian Institute of Technology - Delhi

PhD, Electrical Engineering, University of Texas - San Antonio, USA

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Dr. Shubhadip Atta

Graduate Students

Nandan Murali

Joined as a PhD student in 2021

PhD student

Shashank Bhusan Das

Joined as a PhD student in 2022

PhD student

Nilesh Sharma

Joined as a PhD student in 2023

PhD student

Soha Maqbool Bhat

Joined as SRF in 2023


Abhijeet Kumar

Joined as a MS(R) student in 2022

MS(R) student

Supriya Yadav

Project Assistant


Research Assistant

Dr. Navjyoti Boora

Research Assistant in 2023

Project Assistant (Tech)


June, 2022 - July, 2023